I mostly do YCH commissions over on my FA [links are here on the site] and I sometimes have openings on my twitter @danzadragon. I also accept custom commissions for Patrons!
My gallery has a lot of dragons although I enjoy drawing most furry species equally as much as I enjoy drawing dragons. Horses, canines, felines and reptiles generally are some of my favourite species to draw.
I love running, swimming, gaming and going to furry conventions!
Prices range from around $250-$1000 depending on complexity and detail. I have a commission list up over here - https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/danza/
Around late 2007/Early 2008
Depends on the detail level! Usually anywhere between 4-5 hours for a pinup, 10-15 for a 2 character image with detailed background and 30+ for a comic page.
Paypal has a whole host of issues when it comes to automatic payments and their fee is much higher too. For now it's Stripe only! I would make exceptions for a large purchase but the client would have to message me on either my FA or Twitter and we can discuss it there.
Best way would be as advised in the pack descriptions: Send an email to DanzaDragonArt@gmail.com with the email you used to purchase the art pack and what art pack you purchased and I'll sort it out for you :)