About Me


Hi I'm a UK based illustrator working full time as a furry artist. I've been painting for over a decade and don't plan to stop any time soon! I work mostly in digital media and I have a passion for bringing to life people's ideas. My background was in corporate finance and accounting but I ended up pursuing what made me happy and I've never looked back.

I work in Photoshop for my digital work and currently use an Intuous 4 Large tablet that’s still going strong. I do my traditional work at conventions, on bristol board using graphite pencils and ink.

I started drawing when I was around 18 which was not long after I joined the furry fandom. I was inspired by the abundent creativity in this fandom and the variety of designs, styles and species artists were drawing. I felt I had to get involved in this and used the spare time after college to draw every evening. I've been entirely self taught, including some youtube lessons and a few hours of art tutoring but my formal education is in accountanting and finance. I aim for a semi-realistic look with my artwork and enjoy pushing the contrast between a realistic foundation in my painting with all the fun and fantasy that comes with furry art.

I hope to keep improving with my art and take inspiration from the artists around me. The celebration of creativity this fandom offers is a big motivation for me to strive to be better as an artist. I now attend conventions in Europe, the UK and the US and hoping to meet more friends and fans alike!